Thaddeus O. Williams

Thaddeus O. Williams was born in Middletown Ohio, he currently lives and works in Cincinnati Ohio.  He graduated from Antonelli College and the Art Academy of Cincinnati.


His art reflects his interests in creating something from nothing and dreams of beautifying the world. An artist who loves to doodle and then develops those doodles into Composite sketches that Can lead to a future painting or mural.  Thaddeus uses geometric shapes, curvilinear forms along with a commercial art and graphic design background to build off structural architectural lines in nature and a vivid imagination to create unique compositions of color on canvas.


His graphically reduced sketches are enhanced with a love of earth tones that seeks to be bold, powerful fun and unifying. 


The artist brings an extensive mastery of blended colors and shapes using acrylic paint. His art is an visual construction of life.  The hard-edges colliding with colors that takes the artist and the viewers on a scenic visual journey to enjoy.

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